Enterprise Agility



Enterprise Work Force management system provides core functionalities required for efficient running of an Organization. Workforce in Modern Organizations share multiple responsibilities that may be located across multiple geographies.

Organizations have multiple policies for same function. Example: Leave entitlements; or single policy implemented across organization. Example: Performance Appraisal. Managers can have multiple responsibilities. Multiple managers can execute a single responsibility.

Intra company Transfers and Organizational Restructuring happens as companies quickly respond changing operating requirements. Quick implementation of changes in Policies and Processes is needed to drive the change. Implementation of new requirements and workflows should be able to use and extend existing interfaces and implement new interfaces.



Multi Country

Rapiday Enterprise Framework enables multi city, multi region implementation. Based on the legal structure of the company, Rapiday can be configured to run through single or separate DB instances. The data views are integrated for multi-region controlling business heads and CEO to get a composite view of the entire organization.

Rapiday Country Instances can be Linked to allow employee management across countries. Employees can have Reporting Manager, Accountant or Appraiser in another country. They can access management and approval actions from their own country to other country subordinates and processes.

Multi HCM Policies

Rapiday allows you to implement all your enterprise policies (by country) for probation, employee exit, leaves, performance appraisals etc. in case, any special workflow is required for operations, then our technical experts will fully implement your requirements, so that you get a customized enterprise solution at a standard software implementation cost.

Notification based Employee Self Service. All workflows in Rapiday generate Notifications on Action Dashboard accompanied by Emails. Employee can attend to the task by clicking on Notification Link. This feature works across all geographies.

Plug-in Architecture

Rapiday's plug-in architecture makes it extendible and is its core strength and key to success.

It is extremely easy to develop and integrate new processes, custom workflow, build new functionalities, and extend the system. Rapiday's agile implementation framework helps to implement very fast enterprise workflow.

Rapiday is customizable to implement your existing multiple enterprise Policies verbatim. Different Leave Entitlements in different countries, Employee Life Cycle, Performance Appraisal etc. are fully customizable to meet your company's specific requirements.

Is Rapiday suitable for my organization?

There can be many factors which help you decide whether Rapiday will fit your requirements. Some factors are: Self Service System for Employees, Policy based rules implementation, Multiple policies, Multiple Geographies, Shared Responsibilities, Across Country Responsibilities, New Workflows, Need to reduce Paper etc.

If you are considering an enterprise solution, Implementation of organization policies for Leave, probation, performance appraisal, ability for employees to self service functions, manage multi country and location staff and implementation of custom work flows; then Rapiday is suitable for you.

Rapiday is highly recommended if you need new functionality which will extend base system.