Our structured roll-out process is below:
  1. Confidentiality Agreements Signing
  2. Purchase order
  3. Finalize Implementation Document
    • Organization Structure - including Divisions, Departments, Sub-Divisions, Locations
    • Employee Profile Data
    • Required Demographic Categories
    • Employee Categories
    • Designations and Skills List
    • Responsibilities and Relationships
    • Employee Life Cycle Policies (Probation, PIP, Exit)
    • Leave Policy for all employee categories
    • Employee Asset Allocation Policy
    • Performance Appraisal Policy
    • Time Sheet Policy
    • Help Desk
    • Employee Salary view
    • Payroll via Rapiday or External System
  4. Data Migration from Existing System
  5. Custom Requirements
  6. Hosting and Domains for Production and Staging
  7. Configuration, Implementation and Deployment Schedule
  8. Training Requirements and Custom User Manuals if any
  9. Support Group, Escalation and Client Contacts
  10. Phase wise Roll out to Staging and Client UAT
  11. Phase wise Roll out to Production
One year
Rapiday implementation team can help to migrate the data.
Rapiday implementation time-frame is six to eight weeks. Additional time may be required for data sanitization in case of data migration. We do the data migration in parallel phase.
Rapiday has an extendible plug-in based architecture. We do get requests from user community, and if we feel that the feature will benefit all users then we schedule it in the development. In case it is a client specific requirement, then we customize it for the client. The plug-in is enabled on the specific client and all other core functionalities for all clients remain unchanged.
Please use this link Rapiday Demo
Rapiday is a cloud hosted solution. All the employees' data is hosted on Cloud. Rapiday can also be hosted on your hosting option including at premise.
We partner with multiple top ranked cloud hosting provider. Amazon, Microsoft, Google. In case, you choose to host your data with a specific provider, then please do let us know.
Rapiday is fully cloud hosted solution. but it can also be hosted at Premise. It works on MS SQL, or My SQL databases. Rapiday has a Plug in Development Technology which is fully based on Dot Net. Rapiday is compatible with all popular browsers of Mobile and Desktop and follows Responsive Web Design Standards.
Yes, each hosting provider has its own pricing model. We can advise you about the change in prices based on your selection.
Rapiday is hosted under PDPA framework. The access to the system is fully SSL Compatible with Strong Password Policy enforcement. The Database is encrypted (AES/DES/SHA) and the application environment is protected through the prevention of HTML and SQL injection attacks. Field Level Encryption on added on User Interface. Authorized IP based protection is implemented for communication between instances.
Only authorized users can access the system. Rapiday has a permission module to allow access to specific system functions. There are Read Only access to Sections so that only authorized users can update the relevant sections. The system automatically disables the Employee login when employee is suspended or becomes an ex-employee.
Rapiday is accessible from anywhere. Rapiday is also integrated to Active Directory (AD) and Google Apps to support enterprise sign-on policy.
Rapiday HCM has full audit trail features and records all system access and data changes. The HCM administrators can check and verify this at any point of time.
This is possible at additional nominal charge.
We have a release process and we provide advance communication to clients for system updates and forthcoming features.
The system update is done outside office hours and usually takes few minutes. Users do not experience any outage.
  1. Implementation – 6 to 8 weeks from sign off
  2. Email Support, Phone support if needed
  3. Critical issues resolved within 24 hours
  4. Online Help Manuals
  5. Online Training Module
  6. Remote or Onsite training on request
  7. Trained development team available for implementation and adding custom requirements
All common updates are provided free of charge to all clients. Any client specific customization is charged to client at a nominal fee.