Advances in Technology and Communication have drastically changed the way HCM Operations are run. Rapiday takes advantages of this progress and helps the HCM department to be strategic by reducing the general tasks, transferring task ownership to employees through self service modules, system driven notifications for follow-up and completion.


Captures employee's personal data

Names, Gender, Date of Birth, Marital Status


Bank and Financial Details

Contact details

Dependent details


Dietary Preferences

Drug Allergy


The system also captures curriculum vitae information

Academic Information

Past Experience

HCM Reference of Past Employers






The system also provides a very use document dossier place to keep the frequently used personal documents along with validity date. The system sends advance alerts before the documents are due to expire. Delegation information is also captured on employee profile.


Manages all the employment events of an employee in the company




Shift Duty allocation

Performance History


Special Notifications and Memorandum

Employment Category

  • Permanent
  • Contract
  • Intern
  • Consultant

Employee Status

  • Probation
  • Current
  • Suspended
  • Resigned
  • Terminated
  • Ex employee

Employee Performance Improvement Plan

  • Monitoring
  • Assessment
  • Review

Transfer Responsibilities

Close Responsibilities on Employee Exit

Rehire-ability on Employee Exit

Re-employment process

Employee Identity Management

Rapiday manages Global Unique Employee Identity across all instances either from Rapiday or from external system like Payroll.

Rapiday enforces existence of Employee only in one instance.


Rapiday Supports Multiple Leave Types

  • Annual Leave
  • Casual Leave
  • Medical/Sick Leave
  • Hospitalization Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Replacement Leave
  • Reservist Leave
  • Jury Service
  • Carer Leave
  • Community Leave
  • Compensatory Leave
  • Marriage Leave
  • Parent's Marriage Leave
  • Training Leave
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Out of Office
  • Unpaid Leave
More leave types can be configured.

Leave Entitlements

can be controlled by Policy and/or by Contract. Each employee on Contract can have separate Leave Entitlement.

Leave Carry Forward

The system can carry forward leave at the end of year based on company's leave policy.


Rapiday allows delegation when proceeding on leave. The delegation is automatically revoked on leave completion.

Leave Properties

Are also fully configurable to set up the leave entitlement rules, forfeit rules, conditional entitlement etc.

Cross Leave adjustments

Like Hospitalization leave adjusted against sick leave. Such adjustments are also shown on Leave Summary.

Leave Documentation

Rapiday can enforce required and optional documentary evidence for certain types of leaves..

Manual Leave Adjustments by HCM

Is a very useful tool to make any adjustments, ad-hoc requests. This is the HCM administrator's tool to override and make any corrections.

Multiple Holiday Calendar

Rapiday supports multiple holiday calendars so that employees can use local holidays while applying leaves. Employees can also view holiday calendars of other locations.

Team Leave

shows a calendar view of the peers, colleagues and subordinates who are on leave. This helps to plan own vacation and is very useful reference when approving subordinate leaves.

Leave Records

A quick summary shows all the leave entitlements, leave used, leave balance. Employees get a break down of expiring leaves in the Leave Summary at top of the page and a detailed record of leave utilization at the end of the page.

Leave approval process

Rapiday supports Multi level approval. Example: Annual Leave approved by Reporting Manager. Medical Leave approved by Reporting Manager and Division Head, Reservist Leave approved by Reporting Manger, Division Head and notified to HCM Business partner. Rapiday also allows Leave Cancellation with approvals.

Leave utilization

In Rapiday allows a very versatile usage and implementation. The system permits Back dated (with highlighter), Allow Negative Leave (if backed by policy), Allow Advance Leave (policy driven with specified limits). limitation by maximum allowed days at a time, include or exclude holidays based on nature of employment and/or shift duty, half day leave. We would be happy implement more complex processes for you.


This module helps HCM Administrator to manage the Performance Appraisal Cycle through proper Appraisal Planning and Administration. Rapiday allows to run multiple appraisal cycles.

This is a very useful features where the appraisals are conducted in batches, or scheduled based on annual appraisal, employee annuity, executed by departments or ad-hoc appraisals etc. The system ensures that an employee is not assigned to multiple appraisal cycles simultaneously. HCM Administrator can manage and reroute appraisal form for any employee, set target completion date by stages etc.

Rapiday supports a collaborative Appraisal Process involving Employee, Appraisers, Department Heads, HCM where HCM Administrator can assign Appraisal Responsibilities by Group and by Employee. Rapiday also permits Performance Appraisal management by Reviewer Availability and Reallocation.

Appraisal cycle follows the customizable process flow of :

  • Self Assessment by Employee
  • Manager’s Assessment for Employee
  • Send back for Corrections
  • Rating by Appraisal Criteria and overall Appraisal Rating
  • Department Review
  • HCM Closure

The interface provides real time progress of all appraisal forms through their different stages.


Administrator can create Asset Groups for IT Assets, Not IT Assets, Virtual Assets etc. This is useful if a different group of users manage different types of assets.

Rapiday allows to create Asset Type and Properties. New assets can be created for asset types, these are issued and return.

The system also captures asset acknowledgement to maintain the asset usage history. It allows Asset Administrators to record Asset Losses and Damages.

The system enforces return of Assets on Employee exit.


Rapiday addresses employee compensation from all four angles - HCM, Accounts, 3rd party payroll systems, and Employee. HCM can set up CTC (Cost to Company) Components and Reimbursable CTC Components. HCM can also add CTC Change History during increments and salary revisions. Employee Claims on Reimbursable Components are accepted online and go through an Approval process.

Accounts can process based on Salary Components by Salary Generation module. The salary is calculated from CTC, Claims submitted via Rapiday, Unpaid Leaves, and Overtime claims.

Rapiday can also receive processed payroll data from 3rd party payroll software through upload Salary process that can ingest data from External Applications.

The Accounts can Review and approve, Hold Salary, or Manually generate partial salary.

Rapiday delivers Payslip via Employee Self Service Portal. Rapiday also Distributes Annual Documents – Tax Summary via Employee Portal.

The Payslip format is customized for clients.


Rapiday captures client's Office Work Hours Policy and Duty Roster. Based on the Policy and roster, Time Sheet Governor creates daily blank timesheets for all employees responsible for filling their time sheets. It also incorporates data from Attendance system. Employee Working on generated Timesheet is based on working hours for non roster employees or Duty roster for employees on shift duty. Employee gets a notification on task list to complete the timesheet.

Rapiday also has a separate desktop tray tool (Time Tracker) to help employee to easily fill time entries using a start stop and project selection function. The tool captures mouse and keyboard activity and posts it on time entry. Employee can submit timesheets online.

Reporting Manager review Time Sheet and approves the Timesheet in collaboration with the Employee. Rapiday can be interfaced with 3rd party attendance systems.


In short "Admin" is the control centre for all HCM functions and data operations. This contains an extensive set of tools to manage HR Organization and view data This section also allows the Administrators to set permissions for different functions and generate on demand reports. The reports access can be restricted by users.

Employee Administration

The Employee administration module permits HCM Administrators to create new employees, manage employee profiles, modify data for corrections, check employee's salary, leaves, and responsibilities. The module also helps to quickly find employees by their different names, divisions where posted, or the new employees joining this week or month etc.

Client Management

This module helps HCM Administrator to create and manage Clients.Once activated, the employees can be assigned to Clients. It is not mandatory to assign employees to Clients. However, it is useful for service organizations to assign employees to Clients, and sometimes to mark the locations as client locations.

Division Management

This module helps HCM Administrator manage the Organization structure as Divisions / Departments, Sub Divisions, Business Units etc. The Business Unit Heads are usually the senior or top management layer of the company. These heads usually report to the CEO. Rapiday allows to allocate the charge of multiple Divisions or Business Units to one person. The system also provides the flexibilty to create an employee with responsibility of leading the Business of one division and have the resppnsibility of sub unit of another division.

The Division Management module also permits HCM Administrator to create respective Division and Sub division heads in a chronological order and maintains the responsibility history. Thus clients can create a Customized Management Structure for the Organization. Company Policies can be based on Management Structure. For example: This module also controls the Performance Appraisal Responsibilities within the Organization Structure. This includes employee responsible for a team under a sub unit Management Structure can span across countries.

Project Management

This module helps HCM Administrator to create and manage Projects. Once activated, the employees can be assigned to Projects. Employees can mark time on sheet based on the projects allocated to them. Common tasks are assigned from the admin panel so that these can be used by all employees. In addition, Project Managers can assign tasks to subordinates on a Project.Employees can also add tasks to the projects assigned to them.


Rapiday produces a suite of charts, graphs, and reports for periodic reporting, HCM insights and Analytics. Some examples are:

Summary and Detailed Employee Reports

Individual Reports for all modules

Organization Chart

Summary Department Chart

Demographic Employee Data Analysis

Attrition Analysis

Employee Headcount Report


Is used to send announcements and communications to all or select group of employees. The communication can be sent to specific department, category of employees, employees on certain employment status, or teams working at specific location.

Is used to send announcements and communications to all or select group of employees. The communication can be sent to specific department, category of employees, employees on certain employment status, or teams working at specific location.
All the employee data and contact details are already in the system and hence it eliminates the need of maintaining mailing lists and current employees list. The system also allows to attach files to email announcements.